Scorpion Corp's Mission Files
Escape from Bangkok (#1)

"Get these Damn wires off me! Where is my gun! I want it now!", the glowing eyes of the orc dared anyone to deny him his request. He stood next to the hospital bed and began to tear away at the medical tubing and monitors that were placed all over his body. The young nurse stood in shock amazement as he tore off his hospital clothing and stood before her in the nude. His body was very large and muscular and although the olive green skin was rough and contained many scars and warty protrusions, she let out an audible gasp as she saw his body in the buff. For a moment she forgot what real danger she was in and considered the possibilities.
"Quite your gawking frail and get me my dreking clothes.", he said in a deep baritone voice. Without a word she pointed to the closet and hugged her status computer to her chest, as if it could protect her. With confident steps, Ravage walked over towards the closet and inspected his equipment. Slowly he put on his clothes and placed all the items in their respected hiding places and holsters. When he turned around and saw that the nurse was still there staring at him and he said in a softer voice,
"Listen girl, you look good and all but I got biz to take care of and some ass to kick while I'm at it."
Looking at his watch he noticed that he was in here for about two months and said,
"Drek, that long I got to get back into the flow and see what the groups been up to. Hope nobodies gotten themselves capped."
With a big grin he walked up to the nurse and looked her up and down with his huge green flecked eyes. She could feel his deep musky breath hit her face and a feeling of horror but also of desire came over her.
"I'll be looking you up frail, when I'm done with my biz. You can count on that." said Ravage in a lusty voice and then he walked out of the room, leaving the heavily breathing woman standing in the room alone and confused. No one would ever had guessed that Ravage was in a coma for 2 whole months and had fought off death throughout his stay.

Ravage left the hospital as fast as he could. He hated those places because he hated the idea of someone staring at his body in a weakened prone position. All his life he had to fight for what he wanted and his whole rep. was based on being the stronger yet smarter of his opponents. He knew he had just come out of a big, almost deadly situation but would he consider slowing down? Never. Once your in the shadows you can never slow down or you get run over by the competition or the wannabees that wanna show everyone they can take out a big time runner. He knew that the group must have been seeing action and he wanted back in. Ravage approached a busy vid phone and stared at the scrawny wage slave that was talking on the phone. The nervous man glanced at Ravage and without a good-bye he left the phone. Ravage smiled to himself and reveled in the power of his look. He then approached the phone and hung it up. Entering in a secret code for his private channel to the base house he waited for a reply. On the screen appeared a bored looking member of his mercenary group.
"Yo Shelob, what the drek, did you do to get stuck with the communication duty?"
With a gasp she realized she was looking at Ravage and said...

"HOLY DREK!!! Wait, this line isn't secure!" A look of exasperation comes over her face.
"Drider, get on it! Ravage sees a tall Dark Elf sitting in the background stick a trode into his skull, then the vid you are watching gets a little more grainy for a moment.
"There," says Drider, "that should buy you chummers a little more time. I give you three minutes-- secure--after that who knows. . ."
"Wiz Job, now start monitoring federal and police bands in Bangkok for any gonks looking for Ravage."
"Ravage, how the hell are you? Last time I saw you standing you were eating frags on the Oil Rig," she smiles a sad smile, "Well choombata, things only went downhill from there." Shelob brushes her hair out of her eyes and shakes her head.
"We lost most of the team down there Ravage, there was a coup in the government, those drekking roaches took over and ordered us to leave." Shelob pauses, "Guess they had second thoughts 'bout even that because they waxed Leon Red-Shirt in the hospital recovery room," shakes her head, "he wasn't even as bad off as you from the combat. Your rice gang of boys was doing a pretty good job covering your hide for a while there chummer, but it was only a matter of time before those maggots got to you for good."
"Rakasha found one of the few Orc tourists in Bangkok--he was there looking for small boys to sell abroad in the slave trade--so we slashed and gashed him. He had a good hospital insurance contract and was quickly taken to a hospital, and there we switched identities. His body was taken to your room and you were sent to a platinum grade critical care room. Drider changed all the computer records and changed your identity. You are someone else now. I was just in time too, your Orc doppleganger died of cement poisoning out a 8 story window a few hours later. We allowed him one last laugh however, as he was booby rigged with some plastique attached to the bed and him. When he went out the look-see, the room went ballistic!"
"However, Drider was piggybacking on the hospital security cameras at the time and he swears he saw two big bloody fraggers walk out the front of the building a few minutes later who stopped and looked at the bloody pulp on the pavement and then walk away."
"But there's no way they could have lived through the C-4, right?!?!? Soon after that event, Scorpion Corps went to war, and we didn't do too well against their federal government. . ." Shelob leans close to the vid, "You gotta get out of there Ravage, it wants us dead. The government is full o o o o f f f ." Suddenly, the sound goes out. You see Shelob turn to Drider and yell at him. He raises his hands and shakes his head. Shelob quickly turns back and tries to mouth a word to you, all you can tell is it is a one syllable word. Seeing no look of recognition on your face she scrambles for a paper and begins writing. She holds up the pencil and a look of rage comes over her face, the pencil tip is broken. You make out one word on her lips at this point and you know exactly what it means, and it rhymes with "MUCK!" As the screen begins to fade out, Shelob is holding her thumbs interlocked and her fingers spread wide and waving like a butterfly and her eyes pleading with you to understand. . .

=====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For======= =====Disconnect=======Call=======Not=======Paid=======For=======

Ravage shuts off the vid and swats a fly buzzing around his head. "Well, the Drek has hit the fan. . .


"Damn this piece of drek." Ravage growls as he removes his fist from the vid screen, " Now I'm gonna have to do this the hard way."

With a shrug Ravage leaves the phone and walks over to a man pulled carriage. Recalling a safe house he set up for himself in case Scorpion Corps got the screw, he snarls directions to the porter. Quickly Ravage thinks over the small list of trust worthy contacts he has in this flea ridden town and finds that is really small. Aside from the rice boys, who may all be dead, there was only one old merchant whom he used to do some biz with. He would try them all and see what answers he could get. Some how he had to find out where the group had gone to and how he could get back in touch with them. BAMM! BAMM! The head of the porter explodes into a fountain of crimson blood as two AP rounds slam into it. Ravage leaps out of the carriage, as the mutilated body continues to run in a hopeless attempt to escape death. Breathing in easy rhythm Ravage lands on the balls of his feet and rolls with the fall until he is in the cover of a nearby alley. Immediately his Ares Predator with smartlink is out and tracking for the sniper. The streets are empty, since any respectable and smart person would have shut their doors and barred them. The quite, tense moments seem like an eon as Ravage scans his surroundings using telephoto and binocular vision. On a two story building, about 20 meters ahead of his position, he spots a figure holding a long barrel rifle. The speed with which Ravage jumped out of the carriage and the macabre dance of the dead porter must have caused the sniper to lose his target. "Newbie." mutters Ravage to himself as he quickly runs down the alley to the street parallel to the shooting incident. He runs towards the building directly across from the building the sniper was located and checks for his position again. Seeing that the sniper is still looking at his past position, Ravage quickly runs over to the building and begins to climb a large tree next to the building. He leaps stealthy over to the roof and checks to see if the sniper has spotted him yet. To his surprise the meat has actually stood up and stretched out to get a better view of his line of fire. It takes nothing for Ravage to sneak up behind him and point the barrel of his Ares to the back of the slag's head. "Know this, you go to visit Shiva at the hands of Ravage. Tell her I'm back in the biz." With that he squeezes the trigger. Before the body of the shocked man can fall Ravage quickly grabs his hair with a free hand and holsters his Ares and draws out his katana in one fluid moment. With a prayer of respect he then cuts the head off of the unknown man and roars, "RAVAGE IS BACK! IF you want a piece of me, better send in the backup!" With that he searches around till he finds a piece of cracked wood and plunges it into the base of the decapitated head and places the horrible monument on top of the ledge for all to see. So much for the stealth approach. Its time to get down and dirty.

"DRIDER, GOD-FRAG-IT! YOU SAID THREE MINUTES!" says Shelob her pale face actually beginning to show a little color."
"Two and twenty on the vocal, and exactly three for the video--you're just gonna have to learn to talk faster frail." Drider says with a smirk. "Remember, it's Ravage were talking about here--if anyone can get out, its him..."
"I don't like stranding people Drider, for drek sakes we don't even know what happened to Scorpio, he could be bagged and tagged for all we know. And Ravage is the only member of our team we've heard from in over two months, we gotta get him out. Hell, he doesn't even know where we are. We're getting him out!" Shelob gets on the com speaker, "Get me a fraggin wiz up here NOW!"
"Ravage in Denver. . .that will be a sight! Can you say Lone Star decapitations?" Drider pauses, "Shelob, I advise getting the sub en route to that area. At the least if he can get to a surrounding island away from Bangkok we can get him most of the way here."
"I'd already thought of that but it would take at least a week to get there from England on full auto-pilot. That will be our fall back option. Continue monitoring the bands for now." Shelob gives the order, however she feels angry at how helpless she feels. "there's gotta be something I'm missing, what's my ace in the hole?" She mumbles privately to herself.
"Gotcha, I'm setting a search program for anything to do with orcs, Metahumans, gun fire, Scorpion Corp, and host of other variables. It'll patch through the speakers when something is scanned. Now I'll wire into cyberspace and see what new data the government has on us." Drider jacks in and his eyes go lifeless as if staring off into a void. The look of a true wire-head.
Shelob smiles, he's always so happy when he's jacked into that deck of his. In the real world, his skills in stealth and shooting make him an expert assassin. Yet in the virtual world of cyberspace, he thinks it's all a game. A game of constant one - upmanship; always creating a better sleaze or attack program. Just a game to him. But that is because he is a savant with the deck, like his father, like Mozart playing "chop sticks." I just hope he doesn't slip. . .
But I have talents of my own. Drider's father was mine as well. . . Shelob jacks into her deck; a customized "Super Cyber 7" Drider built for her. Immediately she feels her form of a large silvery black spider and stretches her legs wide. She senses the strand leading to Bangkok and climbs the web directly to the system access node of the hospital where Ravage was located. She is there in nanoseconds, cyberspace operating at the speed of the mind. An icon of a check-in nurse stops her at the front entrance of the access port. It's large smile behind a wooden desk only annoys Shelob. 'I don't have time for this, look at my eyes, I think they may be hurt' Saying that, Shelob's eight eyes begin twirling and glowing, quickly hypnotizing and thus controlling the nurse icon.
'I'm checking in, thank you.' Shelob climbs over the desk and enters the node.
Shelob explores around the halls of the pseudo hospital until she finds a door labeled in a large red "Restricted."
'I've found it!' and she enters. A large icon of a muscular hospital orderly advances questioning for an ID pass code. Shelob quickly sprays a web over top of him, coating him in the metallic goop, its effect immediately slowing him down. Shelob then makes a leap and twirls the orderly in her grasp adding more and more web as she goes. 'This ice is rather strong, my web would normally slow down this system till the icon crashes--it's as good as a 5 star hospital should be considering the dignitaries who would use this place-- but it isn't good enough!' With that, Shelob the spider bites the enveloped orderly, poisoning him in an instant. 'Dead!' As the pixels begin to dissolve away Shelob deftly cuts off the upper torso of the icon and stores away the image as a grisly reminder of her prey.
With that she is in control of the system. She quickly attaches a thread to this point and then jumps to a Slave Node commanding the automated camera throughout the hospital and outside.
In a few moments she actually sees him. Ravage. Getting into a ricksha he is being towed down the street. At this point blood erupts from the head of the porter.
'He's been waxed! Who the frag?' Quickly Shelob flips through all the cameras. She reaches a parking lot view which she tilts upward and spots a lone sniper on an adjoining annex building preparing to take aim again.