Macut casting a spell:  Voodoo Chant


Macut was born Etienne Maurice Laveau on January 15th, 2028 in Vancouver to one Marie Elise Laveau who died giving birth.  The child was the result of a short affair between Elise, then a student at UBC, and a highly respected professor of history and archaeology named Phillipe Duvalier.  Dr. Duvalier refused to take responsibility for his progeny and had no direct contact with the child until its 16th birthday.  Etienne was therefore raised by his maternal grandmother Bona Elise Laveau.  “MaBona” as she came to be know by young Etienne, was an immigrant from Haiti and taught her grandson all the legends and mythology of her homeland as well as a smattering of Haitian creole.  She also instilled in him a great curiosity for learning, especially about the occult, namely Vodoun.

Etienne led a fairly normal childhood attending the Central VC Elementary School for Polyhuman Harmony where he learned at an early age to respect the diversity of sentient beings that comprised society in the 21st century.  His above average performance in grade school and the aid of a mysterious benefactor landed Etienne a spot in the prestigious Accelerated Program for Gifted Meta-Humans, a ritzy prep school for meta-humans, where he excelled in academic study.

On his 16th birthday, shortly before graduation, Etienne received a letter from his father Dr. Duvalier inviting him to visit at UBC.  Against MaBona’s wishes he accepted the invitation with the intention of giving the now famous Dr. a piece of his mind.  Upon meeting the good Dr., however, Etienne was as entranced as his mother had been with what could only be described as an eternal creature of great power.  Etienne was invited to spend the summer in Aztlan on a dig with his father and quickly accepted, giving little thought to who would care for the ailing MaBona in his absence.  He learned a great deal that summer--of Aztlan, Archaeology, Nahuatl, Spanish, his father, and began his formal study of magic under the tutelage of the great sorcerer Dr. Duvalier.

Upon his return to VC, Etienne found a note from MaBona, an elongated package, and an otherwise abandoned apartment.  In the note she claimed to have received a calling to meet her ancestors and would not be returning.  She wished Etienne well and cautioned him against the future that lay in store if he continued at his father’s side.  The package contained an antique hand-carved walking stick etched with obvious vodoun runes.

An Ode to Marie Laveau
Eh Ye Ye Mamzelle Marie
Ya Ye Ye le konin fon, gris-gris
Li te kouri leka aver veux koko dril
Oh ouai, ye Mamzelle Marie...

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