Yamaha Rapier

"The Rapier is a fast, lightweight street bike."

Performance Statistics:

Handling: 3 / 6 Speed: 195 Accel: 10 Body: 2 Armor: 0  Sig: 2 
Autonav: 1 Pilot: --  Sensor: 1 Cargo: 1 Load: 40 .

Reference Statistics:

Seating: 1 bucket Setup/Breakdown: --
Entry Points: 0 Landing/Takeoff: --
Fuel: Gasoline (15 liters) Economy: 8 km/liter 
Point Value:  Cost after customizations: 12,700¥
Template: Racing bike Reference: RBB1

Features & Customizations: (*standard)

Customizations not available at this time

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