Sounds of Tex:

       'Tex' Harrison grew up in Concord, UCAS with a middle class family. His father was brutally killed in a Metahuman uprising when he was only 6 years of age however, and his family was relocated to an Archeology by Fuchi. As he grew up Fuchi recognized his 'Talent' and trained him to do local wet work for the Corp. Eventually he grew into the role of a staunch company man, he was married and had a son; until a fateful research grab by Aztechnology happened to overflow into the living quarters and snuff out the lives of his loved ones. After that 'Tex' was disillusioned with the Corporate life, he relocated to Austin to hunt those responsible, after exacting vengeance upon an unsuspecting mid-level VP in Aztalan he moved to Seattle to join the Biz. His long term goal is to continue to hone his 'craft' and save enough Nuyen to set up a small island game reserve and settle down. .

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