Personnel Files

Mafia Hitman: Little is known about this mysterious figure, but he's got a bad attitude...

GunSlinger: Not actually a member of the team, however he is a close personal friend of Shelob and is ocassionally called in as a reinforcement in certain situations. Fastest man with a gun that she has seen. Once took down a behemoth with one shot. Through the eye...

Raven: A dark haired charismatic Aztlander with an edge. Also tends to get what he wants from the women.

Gnorm: New recruit, but an old military hand. A cyclops with big guns, and a bigger attitude.

Black Widow/Shelob: Captain in Scorpion Corps based in Bangkok, Rigger with a great deal of command and tactical experience. Prefers assault hovercrafts as her vehicle of choice. Also beginning to become an able decker.

Colonel Scorpio: Founder of the Scorpion Corps. Whereabouts unknown. MIA

Drider: Top decker for Scorpion Corps. Recently began coding military level programs. Father was an original member of Echo Mirage (currently in prison) Also a top sniper. Brother to Black Widow.

Harley: Good rigger, tends to enjoy wearing lacy negligee

Puk: Young decker. Unbelievable skill in the net. Does things with his datajack in cyberspace that is not physically possible. Doesn't seem to matter to him though...

Rakasha: A leopard shaman with a full body conversion. Formerly a slave assassin to a wealthy protection racketeer in Bangkok. That is until, Rakasha revolted...

Ravage: Top physical combatant in the Scorpion Corps. His skills at fighting honed by natural selection in the racist streets of Bangkok. Definitely a survivor.

Skitchy: Originally a skatepunk from San Francisco, California Free State. Former professional athlete in Japan until he killed a Yakuza favorite in a nationally televised bloodsport roller derby. Decided to leave the country, although he still loves his work.

Sidewinder: Top hermetic mage of Scorpion Corps. Also a captain in the group. Currently head of Operations in Denver for SSI (Scorpion Securities International).

Sunset Sam: An extremely charismatic, muscle bound egoist, who is the lead legal counsel for SSI, as well as being quite skilled at hand to hand combat and hunting with a crossbow. Formerly, a government intelligent agent who became disillusioned with destroying small country's economies by creating desires for BTL's and other drugs in the populace.

Vlad the Impaler: Human decker that made the best Defensive ICE around. Now stuck continually online in a virtual undeath, and that's just the way he likes it.

Doc: Trama physician, and specialist in herb remedies. Also made one hell of a martini. DECEASED

Maverick: Sky Rigger. One of the best. Was a true lifer in the service. DECEASED

Priest: Combat medic. Only fragger I ever met would actually lay his life on the line to save his downed troops. Bravest SOB I ever met. DECEASED

Steel: Combat machine! Cyber soldier with arms loaded with steel punishment. DECEASED

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