Scorpion Corp's
Mission Files

Part 1:Wherein Ravage awakens in a hospital, avoids an assasination attempt with the help of a friend and meets up with another. Also, where Drider and Rakasha arrange for new IDs for their chummer. (32.4-Kb)

Part 2: Wherein Puk investigates a lead to the Scorpion Corps, and Drider detects someone snooping around. Ravage follows up on the lead, and a MIB appears. Drider reflects on his first solo run in cyberspace. (33.1-Kb)

Part 3: Wherein Drider remembers his second encounter with Black ICE, Puk makes a run against a Yak computer, and Ravage dreams of his childhood. (37.5-Kb)

Part 4: Wherein Puk pulls a sly one, and Sidewinder conducts a ritual to search for Ravage. Scorpion Corps submariners are introduced. Sam makes moves on Harley, and they are subjected to a rude interruption. Combat erupts on the cargo ship. (44.2-Kb)

Part 5: Wherein Puk reveals information, and the submarine gets involved in a battle on the high seas. A new antagonist. Sam explores the remains of the cargo ship then takes a vacation. (40.9-Kb)

Part 6: Wherein Ravage becomes a cabbie for a day, and has a chat with some Yaks. He then decides to enter a Kumate. Sam and Skitchy arrive at the warehouse, and Ravage enjoys some R&R. (48.2-Kb)

Part 7: Wherein Sam and Skitchy make a new friend. A charismatic dark haired man petitions Shelob for a job in the Scorpion Corps. Raven makes a solo run against a museum. Drider begins work on a new part for his deck. TnT tells a story of ambush, and a dark shadow passes over Shelob. Drider tries out his parallel linked MPCP chips in cyberspace. (35.1-Kb)

Part 8: Wherein Drider decks to Poser BBS and passes some time by playing a game. Puk decides against living on the street and gets free hotel accommodations. Drider's plan is put into play. Unholy acts of creation. (48.0-Kb)

Part 9: Wherein Drider checks on an old friend. A sleeper dreams. Shelob sees what happened to other members of the team. Sidewinder gains new information about a comrade in arms. (46.8-Kb)

Part 10: [Unfinished] Drider's Revenge. In another time, a thief makes a living. Raven returns from the heist. Ravage decides to pick up some extra nuyen. Experiments with statues. Freedom. (50.1-Kb)

Part 11: [Unfinished] Your guess is as good as mine.... (80-Kb)

Other story bits:[Unfinished]  Your guess is as good as mine.... (30-Kb)